[PD] ... and lists part 3: a settable route [was: list-math etc....]

'Frank Barknecht' fbar at footils.org
Sun Sep 18 12:09:36 CEST 2005

Thoralf Schulze hat gesagt: // Thoralf Schulze wrote:

> get your point ... Then again, (and please correct me
> if I'm wrong), I prefer using specialised (and
> precompiled) functions available in external libraries
> to having to reintervent them in an abstraction. Since
> pd is an interpreting language, this should also make
> a difference performance-wise ... 

There's always a tradeoff between performance and flexibility. If
performance was the only thing important, we'd not use Pd at all.

The list operation I showed as examples in this thread mostly do
things, that were not possible inside a single external yet
(list-math, list-makefilename) or would use externals which do even
more stuff like [nroute] or even [pyext]. 

And most importantly: A user can modify these operations to his own
needs without having to write a new external, just by patching. That's
a lot of flexibility for a generally minor performance loss.

And all with just one new object.

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