[PD] hidden files, fontsize

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Mon Sep 19 09:07:56 CEST 2005


Am Montag 19 September 2005 06:36 schrieb Kyle Klipowicz:
> I have repeatedly asked for this, since I am not very *NIX saavy.
> Apparently no one else on the list is either!  I find it funny that
> for having such vehement anti-commercial OS zealots on the list, no

you should watch your language!

> one has the skills to throw together such a simple item...unless they
> are too busy with important things like bickering against commercial
> software to help a few neophytes out.

if you are unhappy with the open source world, what are you doing here?
or can it be that you yourself are also unable to "throw together such a 
simple item"? are you using open source because you cant afford commercial 
apps, besides grabbing them from donkey/mule? i mean, whats your reason to 
complain, if os and its "zealots" are so bad, but you are still using it?

> ~Kyle

people like you make os developers think twice if they should release stuff to 
the public - it may be if use for the wrong minded ones ....


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