[PD] performance-problem with [print] on pd-0.39 on win

carmen ix at replic.net
Wed Sep 28 01:56:59 CEST 2005

> printing a lot of text eats my cpu on win and pd-0.39. i didn't test on
> pd-0.38, though, but on pd-0.37 i didn't get a specially high cpu-load,

send '-stderr' startup argv to pd.exe. i'm not convinced all of the CPU load incurred in the old pd-gui is due to drawing text/graphics since ive made some standalone scripts that do pretty crazy things like display 25-50 fps color-spectrograms and oscilloscopes in pure unaccelerated Tk that dont chew nearly as much as PD does for a few lines of graphics or errorlog..

> sorry to say that, but this is one reason for me to wish back the old
> 'print-to-shell'-style. another is, that the 'new' pd-window is very big
> and the fontsize is big, too (btw: is it possible to set the fontsize of
> the pd-window?)

yeah by editing pd.tk. the one time i tried using it on windows it was displaying \ in filenames with \\ instead, which was never a bug in matjuconsole, but not annoying enough to track down..

> excuse me, if there are some important advantages, that i don't see yet.

not really, other than the main window is now bigger, more annoying, and chews cpu ;)

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