[PD] hdsp jack autostart

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Thu Sep 29 13:34:32 CEST 2005

I am getting crazy by trying to get a system into autorun mode for an 
installation. unfortunately I don´t have internet access at the place 
where the machine is, so I will type some questions and try out 
everything later.
It is a CCRMA Distro (2.6 kernel) and a hdsp card. I need to have 4 
channel in out, midi.
I can start the things by hand, but in autostart I think I mixed up the 
correc order/sequence to start the processes. (at least I think that is 
the problem...) my first attempt was to load jack, and then pd. the hdsp 
kept quiet. then I tried to run jack, then the hdsploader/hdspmixer and 
then pd, still no sound.
After some listsearch I think I should do it like: hdsploader, 
hdspmixer, jack, pd. Does anybody know, if this will work?
has someone experience with more sophisticated autostart mechanisms, 
like, which programs need run as a minimum, how to run hdspmixer from a 
shell (I would like to run pd in -nogui mode), how to safely unmount the 
harddrives after booting or no harddrives at all (maintenance by the 
museum personal is only turning on/off the fuses of the main electric 
circuit in the morning/evening). I tried many different attempts to this 
topic, but still no satisfying solution.

thanks, marius.

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