[PD] controlling a webcam?

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu Sep 29 13:30:50 CEST 2005

If you have the budget I'm using an elmo serial control camera. The
quality is much better than a webcam, and you could use a remote PD
patch to control it from another location.

Its about $1600CAN with tax (so may $1200US perhaps). and I have an
abstraction to control already made. (using comport).


julieta Maria wrote:
> Hi, list! I have a question:  I have to be able to
> control a the movement of web cam through internet. I
> was thinking to attach it to a couple of motors and
> control them through a serial port via a stamp... I
> would try to control the stamp sending values from PD
> (via the serial port)... And somehow send these values
> to PD from a web interface... Is this possible and/or
> the best/easier way to do it? Can I use the netreceive
> object for this, and what kind of objects/ software
> should I use to send this kind of data over the
> internet, what info would I need for that? I am
> practically new to networking...
> Has anyone done something similar or could someone
> point in the right direction?
> Thanks a lot...
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