[PD] [netpd] everybody is invited to join the collaborative music-project

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Nov 3 02:39:02 CET 2005

It looks cool, I'd like to try it, but the font is so tiny that is 
unreadable on OSX (check attached pdf).  You need to use a minimum of 
10 point to make it visible on OSX.  Linux is somewhere in between 
Windows and OSX, but closer to OSX. The settings panel the netpd 
programs look quite promising too.

My bro Josh Steiner and I wrote serendiPd (http://at.or.at/serendiPd ) 
a while back to do collaborative Pd performance, but also to do shared 
patch editing as well.  Its stuck at the alpha stage because its not 
really possible to do shared editing well without a ton of work.  
Shared patch playing is feasible currently and could probably be made 
work decently with some work.

How are you grabbing/managing the control data?


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On Oct 25, 2005, at 11:17 AM, Roman Haefeli wrote:

> <announcement>
> hi all
> some poeple already heard about it, others maybe not. i'm
> working on a project, that allows several users to make
> music in realtime over the internet.
> netpd also provides a bunch of abstractions, that can be
> used to make an existing patch 'netpd-able' or to create
> a complete new netpd-patch.
> if you are interested, please visit:
> http://www.netpd.org
> and download the netpd-package (needs pd>=0.38, zexy>=1.3
> and maxlib>=1.5.2)
> a few people spread over the world are already using netpd
> and have a session occasionally. if you could set up netpd
> and connect to the server, ask somebody, who is online,
> for a short demo. some poeple are online very often, so
> the chance is not too small, that you meet somebody.
> if you have questions, send me an email, but maybe its
> faster to aks me or someone else in the netpd-chat.
> hope to make sound with you soon.......
> cheers
> roman
> </announcement>
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