[PD] Netsend and other dataflow languages

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Thu Nov 3 19:34:50 CET 2005

Marc Lavallée wrote:

>Le 2 Novembre 2005 10:44, Martin Peach a écrit :
>>OSC can be used over any network. TCP is also mentioned in the OSC spec:
>But the OSC external supports UDP only.
Oh yeah you're right...I was thinking of netsend/netreceive.

But there's a field in the object's struct in sendOSC.c:

int x_protocol;      // UDP/TCP (udp only atm)

It should not be impossible to add TCP support here since these objects 
are extremely similar to netsend and netreceive which support both UDP 
and TCP. As long as the OSC messages are not extremely long (which is a 
bad idea anyway for latency reasons) there should be no difference 
between using the two protocols.
I'll give it a try.

Hmm... sendOSC.c also has constructs like:
#ifdef WIN32
    void sendOSC_setup(void) {
    void sendOSC_setup(void) {
...looks like some housekeeping is needed.


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