[PD] PD OSX packaging redux

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Wed Nov 9 17:34:21 CET 2005

On Nov 9, 2005, at 6:28 AM, Lorenz Schori wrote:
> Am 09.11.2005 um 12:15 schrieb David Plans Casal:
>>> just think about this possible scenario:
>>> 1. install pd + externals via package management (fink/darwinports)
>> +1

...it wouldn't be hard to add a pd package to fink or darwinports,  
but I don't think there's that much demand since there's already  
several app bundles available...plus, who's got the time to make  
packages for the dependencies of all the externals?

>>> 2. run a script which grasps all the abstractions and .pd_darwins  
>>> + docs.
>> From where? I mean once you've installed with 'fink install pd' or  
>> whatever, how do you envision running the script?
> i imagine something like pdadmin or phps pdmkapp you mentioned below.

...have ya'll not heard of the "package" build system in cvs?  It  
does exactly this, for an app bundle...

>> I was just thinking of one big Pd.app being dumped in / 
>> Applications, with all needed externals pre-built.
> cool. this will be step 1.

...again, this has been done:  I can think of at least three  
available:  mine (pd++.app), Hans', and ben's pixeltango...why re- 
invent the wheel?

>>> 3. run a script which grasps all the needed dylib's from the  
>>> distribution (using "otool -L")
>> Interesting.
> but sadly not quite straight forward. see http://qin.laya.com/ 
> tech_coding_help/dylib_linking.html

otool won't help much here beyond telling you what is being linked  
against:  your friend is "install_name_tool", ask man for info...

>>> this mechanism could be extended to provide a way to easily  
>>> deploy custom Pd.app which just include needed externals and  
>>> possibly have patches autostarted.
>> Ok so we could have CLI instructions such as:
>> 'pdadmin myinstallation'
>> And output would be a myinstallation.app/ directory with pd  
>> binaries, externals, etc? I guess CLI options to that would be  
>> nice. A bit like Django and Rails options.
>> Not sure though, how one would go about building this.
> me neither. just ideas.
>>> @hans+james. this is no rant against you and i don't want to just  
>>> create another build system. i'm just thinking about how pd on  
>>> mac could be more conveniant for (doubleclick)users AND (cli) 
>>> developers :)
>> And yes, why not rely on the current build systems?
> don't know how they will go with fink.

...I use fink for the dependency libs right now...again, I understand  
and encourage your interest, but spend some time looking thru the  
archives here, and you'll see that this has been well covered over  
the last few years...


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