[PD] gui stuff

megale megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 11 18:33:21 CET 2005

"To be honest, I didn't play around with flosc yet. Do
you have an idea how flosc behaves performance-wise? I
could imagine that running pd, flosc and the actual
flash ui on the same machine could be quite slow ...
and what about latencies?"

 I am just starting to use flosc, flashplayer, and pd together, and I 
didn't make any performances
tests, but I suppose that flosc+flashplayer is taking less ressources 
than pd gui.

 Also I am working on a pure data project where objects are created and 
distroyed in a single
patch, it doesn't work very well on winslows (the gui is stucking) but 
on linux it's very stable,
I haven't finished that job but you can have a sight on it:



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