[PD] distorsion

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed Nov 16 18:56:53 CET 2005

Hi Achim,

wollscheid wrote:
 > Hi list....
 > has anyone written (or knows where to find...) a patch that does
 > distorison and allows to vary its parameters?

Besides waveshaping / wavetable-lookup distortion, which provides the 
closest resemblance to analog distortion and has been discusses here 
already, there are also some other types. I would recommend trying out 
the following LADSPA plugins to get an idea of the different sounds:

$ listplugins | grep dist
         Crossover distortion (1404/crossoverDist)
         Foldover distortion (1213/foldover)
         Chebyshev distortion (1430/chebstortion)
         Pointer cast distortion (1910/pointerCastDistortion)

Google and perhaps the Music-DSP list could provide you with more 
detailed information about each of the techniques. Personally, I use 
[plugin~] and a combination of Crossover and Foldover distortion, but 
this results in a huge DC offset that needs to be corrected (from the 
Foldover plugin).

good luck,

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