[PD] Re: pure == slow, impure == fast ? was purepd

günter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Mon Nov 21 11:58:14 CET 2005

On Sun, 20 Nov 2005, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> would give a big performance boost. OTOH it is possible to get this
> boost right now, if it's important, by replacing the serialization in
> [list-drip] with zexy's drip. As all [list]-abs use the [list-drip]
> abstraction, this will accelerate all of them immediatly.

Or for the same reason by using the "serialize" object from ggee, which
might have been an inspiration for Johannes' drip. But then it might have
not, sometimes people just do the same thing at the same time in different
places without knowing. In any case it might be a sign of the usefullness
of the object.


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