[PD] pd setup on G5 + Digi 002

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 27 02:35:47 CET 2005


we're trying to set up a system for a concert, which is happening on next  
Tuesday (very tight schedule).

The system is G5, osX 10.4 (dual 2.7G), Digi 002 firewire (it works, was  
tested with max-msp), running PD official 0.39-1.

I'm a bit confused, because I can't find any definitive documentation  
about OsX. I mean, in the manual the startup flags are clearly defined for  
windows and linux, but I don't know exactly what to write on the G5.
Until now (besides loading libraries) we wrote the parameters -audiodev 2  
, which selects the Digi as the audio interface (the other one is the  
standard Mac soundcard). Funnily -channels 8 didn't do nothing, they  
remained at 2. But then on the audio test patch it isn't possible to get  
any sound. On a tryout basis we went through -asio and -pa, but nothing  
changed. So I guess pd can identify the card, but it doesn't communicate  
with it. And as I can't find a complete list of osX flags, I don't know  
which might be missing.

Has anyone any exprience with this environment? We're starting to sweat,  
since the concert is in a few days and it's proving to be harder to make  
pd work.


João Miguel Pais

Lugostr. 14
79100 Freiburg i. Br.
+49 (0)761 7074997
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