[PD] Gem, speed of video

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 29 17:07:06 CET 2005

Georg Holzmann wrote:
> Hallo!
>>the CVS versions of [pix_film]/[pix_movie] are now threaded and should 
>>behave much better. however it uses pthreads, so it is likely to not 
>>work with a standard windows build (but i guess you could do that with 
> why should it not work on windows? even pd uses pthreads, also on windows.
> And it can be compiled with msvc and MinGW (but you will need different
> dlls) ...

oops sorry

this should read: "however it uses pthreads, so i don't know whether 
this will work on a standard windows build (using msvc)"

i noticed that you were using pthreads on w32 with mingw; i was just 
unsure whether msvc supports them too (good if it does!)


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