[PD] no signal from osc~??

Jacob Last jacoblast at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 01:28:52 CET 2006

Thanks, but perhaps i should have been more clear... even in Pd's audio test
patch, when set to "tone" there is no sound, but there is when set to
"noise".  Audio input is working fine.

vcf~ doesn't even work in it's own help patch, likewise for osc~. it's not a
patching problem, but thanks for your help.


2006/2/7, dafydd hughes <dafydd61 at sideshowmedia.ca>:
> Hi Jacob
> On 7-Feb-06, at 6:47 PM, Jacob Last wrote:
> >
> > I've been unfortunately away from Pd for awhile, but I'm back...
> Welcome back.
> >  i get absolutely no sound from the [osc~] object. it does show
> > some signal when attached to an [env~] but nothing comes out of my
> > speakers.
> What frequency is the osc~ set to?  Is it out of the range of
> hearing?  If you didn't give it a creation argument and you don't
> send it a frequency via its inlet you end up (I think) with a freq of
> 0.  (If this is the case, for the love of Benji, turn down your
> speakers before correcting the problem:)
> > other things work, like [noise~] for instance, and others don't,
> > like [vcf~] (this doesn't show up on an [env~]). this seems very
> > odd to me, any clues?
> vcf~, being a filter, won't give you anything unless you're feeding
> it a signal.
> cheers
> dafydd
> www.sideshowmedia.ca
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