[PD] Re: Segmented Patch Chords? PVar / PV?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Feb 13 21:01:11 CET 2006

Personally, I find it hard to follow when the patch coords are routed  
thru some convoluted path, and merged together.  There are occasional  
times where a segmented patch coord would help to make things clearer,  
but I find that those situations can almost always be solved by adding  
a [float], [bang], etc. to route the coord.


On Feb 13, 2006, at 1:45 PM, Item State wrote:

> hi,
> it's not my intent to start an aesthetic war, just i
> have mental pain with chords going straight across
> from bottom to top, especially since you cannot
> readily see which direction the data flows, so i
> started to use a lot of pvar associations in max.
> believe me, i use a lot of encapsulation and
> abstractions. i'll have a look at "sl"
> ciao, -sciss-
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