[PD] pd_gui error

Jonathan Goodwin jonathan at jgoodwin.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 18:45:33 CET 2006

While we're on the topic, I also have a GUI error:

PD Extended 0.38.4 (RC7)

When I try to add comments to my patch, the highlighted comment box appears
miles to the right of the cursor sometimes off the side of the canvas. You
often don't know whether they have actually worked, meaning you often find
odd 'comment' comments scattered around your patch from when you couldn't
find them previously!

I usually work round this by copy and pasting an existing comment and
changing the text.

On a side note: Are there plans for any kind of toolbar for PD so that you
don't have to access the menu or remember the shortcuts? Perhaps one with
the basic objects, messages etc, with sub menus where you can add your most
used objects or something then, like in some coding apps, a kind of
predictive type system that lets you chose from every available object once
you start typing in it's name.


On 15/2/06 17:11, "Frank Barknecht" <fbar at footils.org> wrote:

> Hallo,
> pzuspann hat gesagt: // pzuspann wrote:
>> Has anyone know how to fix this?
>> When trying to use pd objects like fluid~ or sfplay~,
>> pd crashes whenever I click on a message box with this
>> error:
> More info is needed: Which version of Pd, which objects, where did
> you get them? Compiled on your own or from "somehwere on the net"?
> What messages leads to the crash? Which operating system? Example
> patch? 
> etc.
> Ciao

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