[PD] Ambisonics in PD - some problems

lfthomaz at lsi.usp.br lfthomaz at lsi.usp.br
Fri Feb 17 02:42:42 CET 2006

Hello everybody,

I am right now doing some research with 3D surround sound system with
Ambisonics. (AUDIENCE – http://www.lsi.usp.br/interativos/nem/audience/)
I use PD as the plataform to run my blocks (Ambisonics coder, decoder
etc). They are connected to a virtual reality system (CAVE), so I can
produce real time 3d sound field for the 3d visualization…
I had some problems running PD! Here they are:

1)It does not keep my audio settings stores… Every time I start PD I have
to change all the settings to use the 8 channels of my M-Audio Delta 1010…
Is there anyway to store this setting? I also can’t use the ASIO driver
with all the 8 channels… It simply doesn’t produce any sound… Have anyone
experienced such problem?

2)Is there a way to store slider and number boxes values when I close the
patch? I don’t want to use a message box to that… I just want that the
last values of these components are stored within the patch file

3)Is there any PD component that I can use to input values (xyz, for
example) graphically? Like those surround tools you see in Nuendo, for

Thanks very much for any help!
Leandro Ferrari Thomaz

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