[PD] Distro Doubt

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Fri Feb 17 05:18:34 CET 2006

Le 16 Février 2006 21:03, vincent rioux a écrit :
> Hello Marc,
> could you tell us why you choose Kanotix instead of Knoppix to create
> your custom liveCD/installCD?

Because it uses Debian unstable. And because there's more goodies. 
Kanotix is based on Knoppix. It's a Knoppix on steroids.

> i once tried with Knoppix and found that it was relatively easy if one
> follows:
> http://www.knoppix.net/wiki/Knoppix_Remastering_Howto
> but unfortunately did not find much time to go on.
> i also tried Morphix but paradoxically found it slightly more difficult.

This howto is to modify an image. I had to figure how to remaster a HD 
install because I needed to update too many packages. It's not easy, 
there's still grey zones, but it works.

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