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Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Mon Feb 27 11:31:51 CET 2006


> waveform with the mouse, which I've found can make it a little less 
> predictable.  But too much of that makes it inharmonic, and even so it 
> still sounds very 80's.  I'd like the freedom to work in more 
> sophisticated synthesis.

I don't think its the synthesis fault only. The absence of effects make 
it flat sounding. So you should try some delays, which are cheap 
cpu-wise or freeverb~ as reverb. Usually only one instance of freeverb 
with some fx channels on your instruments so you can control 
individually how much one instrument is send to reverb. So you can layer 
the sounds in space like one instrument is totally sent to reverb so its 
in the background, another one is half send and one is not sent to 
reverb so it stays in the foreground.

 > I think all the filter objects have been designed with mathematics in 
 > mind rather than sound.

Check out moog~ filter, its amazing, there is your Reactor, which sounds 
good because Native Instruments made the choice combining several 
modules into one so it sounds analogish, but with the right combination 
of modules in PD you can create the same with more freedom. It can be 
doubted that a Reactor oscillator is just a waveform generator without 
additional tricks.


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