[PD] GEM light show in Oakland

Cypod cypod25 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 17:26:49 CEST 2006

We're performing tomorrow night in Oakland California:


oct 6, 2006

in partnership with
21 grand
as part of
the oakland
art murmur

FREE admission

on 25th street
between broadway
and telegraph

with live music
and performative
projection from

big city orchestra

admiral ted brinkley (semi-ret.) and hugo ball room

nicholas chase

sharon cheslow and
coterie exchange

[with alfonso alvarez,
laurie amat,
keith arnold, lucio
menegon, cynthia
weyukert et alia]

jen cohen and
guillermo galindo

daniel popsicle

lance grabmiller

veronica de jesus
and regina clarkinia

franz keller and cypod

killer banshee


mike missiaen

neshama alma band


kathleen quillian
and gilbert guerrero
with george chen

we eat dots
[cecilia elguero, bookworm, drslone and brian rogers]


about mobility

A shimmering
fleet of Saturns,

a new shadow cast by
high rising redevelopment,

an art gallery retains
its placename after
moving three times,

a temporary public art
installation acts as
strategic delay before
ultimate changes
take place.

This Corridor seeks to
illuminate our notions
of physical, social and
economic mobility
in the burgeoning
Northgate neighborhood:
a place of art and
manufacture teetering
on the borders of
Oakland's 10K Plan.
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