[PD] and it's PR/Marketing, or those

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Sat Oct 14 21:20:57 CEST 2006

> However, my biggest problem with PD is still that things crash all the
> time, but nobody ever can say why, and I'm not sure if things are
> improving.

i get this, but i figured it was just stack-corruption due to 64bit issues. PD 0.39 was extremely stable for me on winXP, even when using zexy/toxy/pool and a handful of assorted other extensions..

if you want to know why, or get closer to knowing why, you can compile pd with the '-ggdb' flag, then run 'gdb pd' then 'run' then 'bt' when it crashes, to get a detailed backtrace with line numbers. this would save developers time..especially when they can't recreate the bug.

> But still - unstable is unstable, and for a live performance or
> installation, that's a BIG problem. What am I to do if PD crashes in
> the middle of a 45 minutes piece with live musicians???

keep a second PD instance on the ready, minimized?

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