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padawan12 padawan12 at obiwannabe.co.uk
Tue Oct 17 06:47:19 CEST 2006

You don't need to know about Pd to just do it. You need to know
some zope/plone and have a vision for it and get write access.
I think we all know .info needs a lick of paint, it's been said
many times. Popularising the facade of Pd might bring
in a few new users. 

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:33:53 +0100
Pete Hindle <petehindle at gmx.co.uk> wrote:

> I thought I'd chip in on this discussion as a low-level user, because  
> the discussion had drifted away into technical discussions about  
> crashes on various platforms.
> Where I live there is a community-led cinema starting up, and in  
> order to function they've split up organisation into different  
> groups.  There is the planning group, the bar staff group, the  
> marketing group, etc.  Perhaps the PD community could do something  
> similar, and by doing a little bit of organisation make these big  
> jobs into something more manageable.  Personally, I don't think I  
> know enough about PD to take on the job of re-editing the homepage -  
> my point was that PD could present a friendlier face to the world.   
> What that face should look like has to be decided by more than one  
> person.
> Pete
> On 16 Oct 2006, at 14:12, jjjs wrote:
> > hi
> >
> > On 10/16/06, Pete Hindle <petehindle at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
> >> For instance, the website puredata.info could use some sprucing up.
> >> I don't have any CMS axe to grind, but it would be nice if the front
> >> page was less technobabble and more advertisement for PD.
> >
> > well, there seems to be some misunderstanding about open source  
> > projects.
> >
> > there is no army of HTML designers ready to do this redesign. pretty
> > much everything associated with pd was done because somebody gave
> > their time to do it.
> >
> > so, *you* could do it [prolly involves work], but there's no one else
> > who's going to pick it up. it's not like apple [ipod-land], where
> > people are paid to do this kinda work. it's a community based project-
> > uneven and irregular [like communities are].
> >
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> > \js  [ http://or8.net/~johns/ ]
> >
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