[PD] wiiremote b4

nick weldin nick at paddingtonarts.org.uk
Wed Jan 3 09:38:34 CET 2007

Well you managed it before I even sorted out cvsing the source, thanks.

I'm not getting crashes now - its trying to connect.

Have not managed to successfully pair them yet but will be able to 
try more this afternoon.

I'm getting the same situation that i was getting at one point with 
the max patch, so am hopeful that i can rewind my memory to the point 
where i remember how I resolved it.

The connect message appears in the the pd window as connect 1, and if 
you 1 a one to a metro hooked up to the wii object you get 16 16 16 0 
coming out (no changing values). The flashing leds don't stop on the 
wii remote (this is the sign that it is trying to pair - the pairing 
attempts usually time out after 15 secs or so if nothing is found to 
pair with, so something is going on).

Will report back tonight if I have more news.

Happy New year everyone.


>I got myself on a machine that at least had bluetooth, so I could 
>debug this.  I found it, I forgot to add the line to the Pd section 
>that allocates the memory to the wiiremote pointer.  This line was 
>added in b4 to the Max part, now its in the Pd part so it should 
>x->wiiremote = (WiiRemoteRef)getbytes(sizeof(WiiRemoteRec)); 
>// add in 1.0B4
>Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:wiiremote.pd_darwin.bz2 (    / 
>) (00B8F55E)
>On Jan 1, 2007, at 7:07 PM, nick weldin wrote:
>>I'll have a look but it will be fairly random attempts
>>>Since I am using the same code as the Max object, I am sure I just 
>>>overlooked something like an init, so its crashing.  I don't even 
>>>have bluetooth on my machine, so I can't really test it.  The code 
>>>is in CVS if you want to try your hand at debugging it.
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