[PD] pictures from a digital camera

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jan 16 09:30:27 CET 2007

raphy.ilias at free.fr wrote:
> Thanks IOhannes and Frank !
> So, if i understand (as my french-english is quite bad), there's no solution to
> get the gemwin on the external screen and the patch on the laptop screen, with

well it says that you have "known problems" with your gfx card.

> that type of card. I had managed to display "clone" and "extended" screen. But

this is what frank said: use "clone"; some (esp. older) gfx cards on
laptops will do this in hardware (no drivers involved);

you notice this, if you have a special key combination which you can use
to switch between the various settings, regardless of the os you are

> under windows 2K (glups !) i can get an extended desktop and the video is
> rendered (for example, with VLC player) on the external screen. Maybe this
> because this is not OpenGL. In this case, couldn't it exist a trick to render

yes; obviously non-openGL calls are rendered to the 2nd head; else it
would be completely useless (always black ;-))
however, you should also be able to use vlc on linux on the 2nd screen.

> it as non-3D (wich doesn't interest me, i'm doing 2D with Gem, because i know

well Gem is 3d; you cannot do non-openGL stuff in Gem
(not totally true: the pix_ stuff is completely independent from openGL,
but whenever you want to display it (within Gem) you are bound to openGL)

> it better) or something like passing it from Gem to pdp ? If I remember well
> the workshop i did, there's something like gem_to_pdp... Or should I use pdp in
> case of Gem ?

yes that is an option:
if you can stay within one library, i suggest to do so.
converting data between Gem and pdp costs you time; so if you don't
necessarily need a functionality that is only provided in Gem i would
try to do it in pdp alone.

however, afaik there _is_ one functionality that is only provided by
Gem: [pix_video] is able to capture your DV-camera; [pdp_ieee1394] is
(to my knowledge) only functional on os-x.
the bridging objects are called:
[gem2pdp] : convert the current rendering buffer of gem to a pdp-packet
[pdp2gem] : convert the current pdp-packet into a pix
[pix_2pdp]: convert the current pix into a pdp-packet

> About the Intel Graphics, I heard that Intel had just made their drivers more
> open, dont't they ? Do you think, there will be more support for these cards
> later with linux ?

i am not sure whether this is an issue with the (software) driver or
you could try to run Gem on the 2nd screen under w32 (if you still have
it) and see what happens (and have a look at the cpu-meter, it might be
that your system switches to software rendering on the 2nd screen, which
still gives you an image, but at the cost of a rather high cpu load)

if it is a hardware problem, then nobody will be able to help you.

> nota : excuse me, i send this mail to your personnal adress instead of sending
> it to the pd-list

did you?


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