[PD] minimum delay time for delread~

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Tue Jan 23 00:53:23 CET 2007

Kim Taylor wrote:
> Hi everyone, I'm new to the list (and pd) so I hope this posts OK.


> I'm creating a series of patches that rely pretty fundamentally on delays-
> and I've noticed that the function delread~ seems to have a minimum 
> value of
> delay time (1.48ms). Values below this point simply trim to 1.48ms.
> Could I achieve smaller delay times with any other standard functions, or
> would I have to write custom abstractions to do this? If so, what's the 
> best
> way of going about it? Writing to tables?
> Any advice would be really helpful

These examples deal with exactly this issue:


> Kim


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