[PD] Live Apectrum Analyzer

David Powers cyborgk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 08:20:26 CET 2007

What do you mean by noises? Metasynth and Coagula (a free program that
does this on winXP) both make a lot of interesting sounds, of which
"noise" would only by one potential.

If you really wanted to avoid noise, however, it would be even more
trivial, however, to produce MIDI output (or some melodic type of
output), than to synthesize based on the material. For instance, the
first idea I imagine is that one could take the RGB values from each
vertical column, and turn them into some kind of three part
counterpoint. You just need some simple mappings to go from (0-256) to
whatever scale or pitch sets you want to use. If I were doing it, I
might take the resulting pitch set, and use it to generate a
probability weighting for the chance that a given pitch would occur,
with each column representing an arbitrary amount of compositional
time. I don't think this would sound at all like noise.

You could also map the same set of values to synth paremeters, making
sure the entire range of settings produce "non-noisy" timbres... So
the timbre and melodic content would be produced simultaneously from
the same data set.

This is really more about "data mapping / data bending" and broader
than the question of "playing a bitmap." Which is a topic I would
really enjoy getting more input in - I've never found any good
tutorials on how to approach data mapping and parameterization in
order to get good, musical results, even though this would seem to be
absolutely crucial to good instrument design. At least, googling
hasn't helped me... Maybe (based on my ideas above) I already know
enough, and I just haven't tried enough to implement things and learn
by experience though...


On 2/2/07, Patco <megalegoland at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Michael Garrett a écrit :
> > Now here is a question... does anyone have software that will take a 2D
> > image and convert it to a wave file??
> >
> >
> >
> It has been discussed just a few days ago in here, the subject is called
> "Playing a bitmap", it is not about a software but about methods for
> patching something that produces different noises wit using an image
> file (I wonder how you could make something else than noises anyway,
> since no one has been able to make something else with).
>  Metasynth is one of the softwares you might look for, but this is not
> the topic.
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