[PD] installing pd mac osx

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Fri Feb 2 14:42:41 CET 2007

On 02/02/2007, at 13.35, paco + reme wrote:

> thanks Derek, Steffen
> i have installed pd-0.39.2 and i´m starting to read help : html &  
> browser (pd run ok)
> in Users/<myrusername>/Library/Preferences/pure data is the file  
> "org.puredata.pd.plist"

Yes, thats the one. Good.

>  but i´m thinking pd 0.39 extended package have more resourses,  
> patches, libraries, abstract...
> in a folder for PD, for example for sound files, etc.
> In the begining i installed pd 0.40.2 (21 mb) no extended, and  
> after pd 0.39.2 (91 mb). I don´t find difference
> I´m confused, excuse-me

That is totally ok. I've been likely confused for quite a while.

You can do two things to see the difference.

The fist being what Derek suggested: Ctrl-click the Pd-blah.app and  
choose "Show Packages Contents". You can do that for all .app  
bundles. That opens a new Finder window, the navigate to the extra  
folder. If you do that for both the extended version and Millers  
version you'll see a difference.

The "same" difference can be viewed though the help browser - the  
second method. When you open the help browser you'll notice more  
content in the fist column - "examples/" and "manuals/ for example.  
That is one pice of evidence.

The more interesting is, if you navigate to "5.reference/", click on  
it, the second column of the help browser will show much more then it  
does in Millers version. From this part of the help browser you'll  
see so called help patches for both the internal (vanilla) Pd object  
(as you will se in the same section of the help browser of Millers  
version) and external objects and abstractions. Then many fist items  
in that second column is folders (as the once on the first columns)  
that you can click, and get a third column. The name of these reflect  
the name of the external / lib or abstraction that is shipped into Pd- 

But there is more in there - still in the second column, that you got  
by clicking "5.reference/". If you scroll futher down you'll see some  
items names "all-about-<topic>". They come from PDDP (Pure Data  
Documentation Project) and serve as more information on what you can  
do with Pd - organized per topic. As oposit to the info you get from  
2.control.examples/, 3.audio.examples/ and 4.data.structures/ this  
info is not limited to cover internal objects.

PDDP is more that that though. I suregets to go through the tutorial  
in "manuals/0.Intro" which to my knowledge also is a product of PDDP,  
as does "1.Sound/", "2.Image", "3.Networking" and "4.Physical/" - all  
from the "manuals/" section of the help browser.

Hope this helps.


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