[PD] minor but persistent annoyances

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Feb 22 23:07:19 CET 2007

Phil Stone hat gesagt: // Phil Stone wrote:

> 2) The opening position of property dialogs, when repeatedly accessed, 
> "wander" down the screen, until eventually, they are nearly off the 
> bottom of the screen.  I'm guessing the behavior is partly intentional, 
> to enable tiling of multiply-opened windows, but it happens even when 
> only one property window is open at a time.

2), like 1), might be a Mac-specific issue, but I guess not. 

Normally the real reasons is, that you've moved some patch elements
over the top or left border of the patcher window. Then Pd's
coordinate system, which has (0,0) in the upper left corner, tries to
reorganize itself to the new position of the upper left (0,0) point -
and it gets confused, which results in the Properties menu getting
displayed out of focus. 

You can easily test this using attached patch. Simple fix: Never place
anthing beyond the upper or left border!

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