[PD] [PD-announce] KnobsAndSlidersDS

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Feb 26 11:25:14 CET 2007

Chris McCormick hat gesagt: // Chris McCormick wrote:
> KnobsAndSlidersDS allows you to use your Nintendo DS touchscreen to
> control your Pure Data patches using the FUDI protocol over wifi. You
> can build interfaces dynamically on the DS touchscreen from inside Pure
> Data running on your PC/laptop.

Wow, very cool. Made me finally setup Wifi on my DS, and indeed it

I already have some feature requests. ;) 

It would be nice, if the sliders would somehow work a bit more like
Pd's sliders in that they also react to movements that are not
directly touching the slider's value indicator. I think, this 1px-line
is sometimes hard to hit even in my well-lit desktop environment. I
guess it will be even harder to hit the right spot on a dark stage. 

And then I didn't really figure out how the knobs should be used. I
just don't manage to move them any more than a quarter turn. I
finished "Kirby's Canvas Course" with high scores, so I don't believe
I'm too clumsy with the Stylus. ;)

And we need an XY-control, toggles, bangs and radio buttons next,
please! What do you recommend as a NDS build environemnt for

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