[PD] pdp documentation?

Matteo.sistisette matteo.sistisette at email.it
Fri Mar 2 13:00:22 CET 2007

Hi all,

I\'d like to browse some documentation about PDP *before* I install and try
I have installed and used linux a few times years ago, and I will soon do
that again, but right now I am a poor window user.
So, before I install linux and refresh myself about how to use it, and
donwload pdp and find out how to compile it...
Before all that, I would like to be able to learn a bit about pdp, get an
idea of what it is and how it works etc.
Some sort of introduction.

On PDP\'s official (I guess?) page http://zwizwa.fartit.com/pd/pdp/doc/  I
didn\'t find very much. Even the \"introduction\" paragraph is quite
difficult to understand for someone that has no idea of what pdp is and what
packet forth is... like me. Then it says:

> A \'getting started\' documentation for pd/pdp/pidip is being worked on


> Until then you can have a look at the \'pdp\' subdirectory in pd\'s \'Pure

Where the hell is that?
>From the FAQs of the puredata.org wiki:
> the best documentation can only be viewed by running Pd. Click on the
\"Pure Documentation\" menu item on the \"Help\" menu when you run Pd

My PD (0.40.1) has no such menu item. It has a \"html\" menu item which
links to the html documentation in the \\pd\\doc directory. Is that it?
So I guess the \"pdp\" subdirectory mentioned above is one that will be
installed into the pd/doc directory (of my coming-soon linux filesystem)
once one installs pdp.
But what the @#¿?, I\'m not going to install linux, learn it and
download\'n\'compile pdp just to find out whether pdp is what I need or

So, my question is. Can anybody suggest me where to find documentation about
pdp that I can browse on-line or at least without becoming a linux hacker?
Not necessarily a \"getting started\" guide (though that would be great),
but something one can understand without already knowing how pdp works.

Thank you in advance
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