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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sat Mar 3 07:36:06 CET 2007

Sorry, I thought you'd been added.  What's your sourceforge ID?  I  
couldn't find it.


On Mar 1, 2007, at 3:04 PM, Luke Iannini (pd) wrote:

> OK, well if this is not quite ready to be discussed, could someone at
> least add me to the dev list? (or write a counter proposal for my non
> admission : ))
> Thanks,
> Luke
> On 2/23/07, Luke Iannini (pd) <lukexipd at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 2/15/07, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:
>>> carmen wrote:
>>>>> I'd also still be interested in getting us over to Subversion, if
>>>>> there is still a supportive group for this?  I've maintained  
>>>>> several
>>>>> SVN repos now, and feel a bit more up to the task of organizing  
>>>>> the
>>>>> project.
>>> there are definitely a lot of supporters for this.
>>> i think the main problem (were we stopped last time) was to find a
>>> directory layout.
>>> otoh, the beauty about svn is, that the directory layout can be  
>>> changed...
>>>> i'd be more interested in moving us over to Git, so i can stop  
>>>> getting these emails.
>>> why would "these" emails stop more if we were using Git than they  
>>> would
>>> if we were using svn?
>>> personally i'd like to investigate about SVK (even though i have no
>>> experience with that)
>> I'd certainly be interested in checking out SVK.  I have been in a
>> net-less situation many times where it would have been nice to be  
>> able
>> to do a "check-in" locally before making a big change.  It is very
>> similar to subversion (well, it is subversion, plus more), so I don't
>> think there would be too much additional use overhead.
>> One benefit of SVN, on the other hand, is the wide choice of OS and
>> App integration tools, for example: TextMate and SCPlugin (as of the
>> recent update) integrate wonderfully with Subversion, as does
>> TortoiseSVN on Windows and I suppose VIM and SubCommander on Linux
>> (and probably others, haven't spend much time with svn clients  
>> besides
>> stock CLI on linux, only servers).
>> Finally there is the issue of converting the CVS; Tigris's CVStoSVN
>> has been around for quite some time and is really simple to get going
>> http://sam.zoy.org/writings/programming/svn2cvs.html.
>> I'm not as sure about the SVK solution of
>> http://svk.bestpractical.com/view/MirrorVCP
>> But maybe we can just two-step it, once to SVN, then again to SVK.
>> I'll grab SVK and give it an actual lookover.
>> <time passes>
>> Well, I haven't downloaded it yet, but I have done a lot of  
>> reading on
>> it, and the general feeling I'm getting is that it is not quite  
>> mature
>> enough that we should be moving to it yet... it looks like a very  
>> cool
>> system but I'd feel safer making the smaller step to Subversion  
>> first,
>> then maybe reconsidering SVK later, once everyone is comfortable
>> (since at that point it would be very easy to switch).
>>>> what do we need. a webpage to register repos?
>>> no. we could use either sourceforge's SVN or host our own at  
>>> puredata.info.
>>> the good thing about the 1st is, that we don't have to care about
>>> hardware, backups and the like (even if "we" only means "me")
>>> the bad thing is that sourceforge is really overloaded.
>>> the good thing about the 2nd is, that the repository is under our  
>>> full
>>> control. we can also use the puredata.info accounts to access the
>>> repository (this is already set up)
>>> the bad thing is, that we have to take full control over the  
>>> repository.
>> On the issue of accounts, I think it would be useful to have the two
>> layer authentication at minimum so that those uninterested in working
>> with the core source could make checkins with the "basic user"  
>> account
>> without the worry of somehow causing trouble for the "core developer"
>> account.  This might be a nice compromise between dozens of accounts
>> and just one.
>> Finally, if any are interested, I'd be willing to mirror the CVS
>> repository on my server and convert it to Subversion just for  
>> research
>> and general interest purposes.  Then everyone could have a sandbox to
>> checkout SVN before the move is made.
>>> of course we could also use other hosts (but then each dev has to  
>>> sign
>>> up at yet another website).
>>> mfga.sdr
>>> IOhannes
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>> Luke
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