[PD] Memento global and local saving?

Luke Iannini (pd) lukexipd at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 13:42:06 CET 2007

I suppose this question is for Frank, though maybe others have already
found the solution.

I have converted all of my abstractions to use Memento, and I'm
following the rradical design style so that I can build complex
patches, then save their entire states.  Samplers, oscillators,
sequencers, envelopes, it's all working wonderfully.  But!  Often I've
wanted to just save one unit's settings without grabbing the entirety
of my opened patches.

I'll describe my setup first, and make an example if it is not sufficient.

Unnecessarily verbose description follows:
I have a sampler unit with speed, loop points, interpolation,
crossfades and so on (based on the lovely xgroove, thanks Thomas!).  I
usually load up 16 of these to use with drum pads, named like
/sampler1, /sampler2 etc.  It would be awesome to be able to set up
one of these units with all these parameters (say, a sound loop,
trimmed to 1 event, played at 3/4x speed, with no loop), and then save
that setup for later.

Then later, my 16 samplers are open, and 12 are active with a nice
setup.  Now I want to load that drum loop with those settings (my
event, 3/4x speed, no loop) without affecting the other 12 sample

I know that if I load up a blank patchwindow and setup, say,
/sampler7, and save, I'll end up with a settings file with just
/sampler7.  But (A), that method would only be useful if I pre-planned
the setup (what if I want to save a single instance after I've setup
many others? (yes, I could trim the file manually : ) )).  And (B)
that saved file is only useful for a sampler labeled /sampler7, so it
can't be arbitrarily loaded into /sampler15 (again, short of editing
the file).

So!  If I haven't proven myself completely inept at implementing
memento, is there a method for this?  I believe it is possible (I
think a very specific request to the RRADICAL pool, plus a restore
that ignores the original labelname and substitutes the current
labelname...), but I guess Frank will have an insight before I can
type a single [list append] : ).

(Further: I think that I could use SSSAD or rig up something external
to memento, but it would be pretty excellent to have a system that was
capable of both so that I am not rigging up multiple commun-like
objects to every control!)


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