[PD] pyext on OSX (marius schebella)

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sat Mar 3 18:22:26 CET 2007

marius schebella schrieb:
> thank you for your answers. weird. I can run the (sligtly modified) 
> script from the commandline. but when I try to load it into Pd then it 
> crashes. both py and pyext work with other scripts, but as soon as I 
> try to import urllib (or sgmllib) pd crashes, even without defining a 
> function.
Does it also crash if you load urllib not in the functions but in the 
beginning of the script?
> I just tried the new beta version of dyn~ (crashed)
Would you mind to elaborate what exactly crashed? Your recursive 
self-destructive patch?


Thomas Grill

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