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Kyle Klipowicz kyleklip at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 02:23:14 CET 2007

There already is a jack VST and Audio Unit for OSX, that's not the
issue. What I really want is to just be able to run one master app (my
DAW) and have everything else loaded from there, so that I don't have
to do the whole 30 mins of configuring and opening corresponding files
and settings, stored in directories across the computer thing.

It's a pain to have to adjust and load setting after setting when it
could all be saved in a nice project file in a professional sequencer
app. For those of us who like what Pd has to offer as a bus insert or
midi filter or general audio swiss army knife, we don't want to deal
with multiples of files all over the place in different spots, we just
want to have a nice compact project space that contains everything in
an intuitive way, so we can just touch and go, and save everything so
that we can open the project back up again exactly how we left it, all
automation and everything stored in the project.

Managing automation in Pd has not been a quick and dirty thing for me,
and I'd prefer to leave that task to software that I'm comfortable
with. But to have a custom synth or effect or midi chain filter or
integrated graphics show work seamlessly from my DAW once I load one
single project file is the holy grail to me.

Having 5 programs open and trying to wrangle the routing between them
for a half hour to get a song playing is less than ideal. A Pluggo for
Pd would help minimize the time and frustration of this by compressing
it all into one file that references a bank of subordinate plugins.


On 3/3/07, Jamie Bullock <jamie at postlude.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-03-01 at 21:20 +0100, Tim Blechmann wrote:
> >
> > i've been changing some emails with stefano d'angelo, who is starting to
> > write a plugin wrapper, which is supposed to work with different plugin
> > backends (vst, ladspa ...) ... a pluggo for pd could make use of this
> > project in order to support several platforms out of the box. i guess,
> > stefano doesn't have a working prototype, yet, but it's probably a good
> > idea to join the development resources in order do avoid duplicate work.
> > his project website is http://sourceforge.net/projects/naspro/
> >
> > in general, from my knowledge of the pd architecture, running pd in a
> > plugin environment would require some non-trival changes, it can't be
> > just implemented on top of the current implementation. which means, in
> > some way, this has to be incorporated into vanilla pd ...
> >
> Maybe this is a very naive solution, but couldn't we solve the problem
> of getting audio data from PD into non-jack apps (that support some kind
> of plugin), by writing a very simple (LADSPA, VST, AU etc.) plugin that
> acts as a jack client.
> e.g.:
> Audacity -> LADSPA jack client plugin -> jack -> PD -> jack -> LADSPA
> jack client plugin -> Audacity
> The simplest case would use one 'jack client plugin' instance for each
> audio channel to/from PD.
> I've been meaning to implement this for a while, and maybe there's a
> glaring flaw, but I can't see it right now..
> Jamie
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