[PD] [OT] beta testers sought for new patching thingy

Bill Orcutt info at superloosesocks.org
Sun Mar 4 12:58:57 CET 2007

sorry for the intrusion-

i've been working on an open-source max/pd/vvvv type patching program  
that runs in a web browser- i'm calling it lily. it's probably not  
for everyone- it doesn't do native sound, video or even midi, though  
it does "do" the web pretty well. i've set up a little site that has  
some details & demos if you're interested- http://www.lilyapp.org/.  
i'm looking for a few folks with the cycles & experience to help me  
get the kinks worked out prior to releasing it into the wild. really  
need folks with the time to file bugs, so if you're just curious,  
please wait until the first public beta in a month or so. also its  
written in javascript, so if you have significant js experience and  
the time to really test this thing, you're exactly who i'm looking  

sorry again for crashing the party. thanks.


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