[PD] [textfile] behavior

David F. Place d at vidplace.com
Sun Mar 4 18:52:39 CET 2007

On Mar 4, 2007, at 12:33 PM, Roman Haefeli wrote:

>> If you click [read big.txt( the [4( you will see something else and
>> that is wrong.
> how can you be sure, that it is wrong? possibly your mind is  
> capaple of
> much more, but i tend to believe, that it's a fault of the patch,  
> not of
> pd. but why make it complicate, when it could be so clear and easy?

Well, wrong in the sense that it is not the answer I want.  Of  
course, the problem could be in my
patch.  I would be very interested to see your solution, for my  
education.  Idiomatic Pd is not natural to me as I have been  
programming in lazy functional languages for more than 20 years!

I should mention though that it seems the [msgfile] object in the  
zexy library looks like it will do exactly what I want very directly  
with its [goto n( message.  (I'll just make a table translating marks  
to lines.)

Thanks for your help.

David F. Place
mailto:d at vidplace.com

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