[PD] hot do you get a comma into a symbol?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Mar 5 11:48:36 CET 2007

Luigi Rensinghoff hat gesagt: // Luigi Rensinghoff wrote:

> > hello, 'addcomma' adds a comma in message box
> a shame its not documented anywhere....are there more hidden trix  
> like that ?

It's documented: See message-help.pd

Nevertheless "addcomma" won't make a symbol with a comma inside, as
commas are used to seperate messages and addcomma adds such a comma. 

For controlling amixer you can also use the amixer external from IEM.
In CVS it's at: "externals/iem/amixer". For the HDSP there also is
an external "externals/iem/hdspm_mixer". Never used it, as my laptop
doesn't like the HDSP.

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