[PD] hot do you get a comma into a symbol?

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 07:17:30 CET 2007

I messed around with iem's amixer and hdspm_mixer ( had to change it a
little to allow the hdsp) a while back, but there is alot more functionality
in the terminal versions, so it is nice to be able to write scripts for them
within pd.

As for the HDSP, I'm about to throw mine against a wall.  After months of
fiddling, I can get 4 channels of 88.2k audio in and out ( but not 8
channels of 44.1k... which boggles me.  I get constant dropouts with the
ALSA driver), but even that is at a 30ms latency cost.   Frank, what card
did you end up using?  I'd love to hear about a linux laptop card that can
handle multichannel setups (hopefully 6 or 8) and still run smoothly.. but I
won't get my hopes up.

Thanks everyone for the help,

On 3/5/07, Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> wrote:
> Hallo,
> Luigi Rensinghoff hat gesagt: // Luigi Rensinghoff wrote:
> > > hello, 'addcomma' adds a comma in message box
> >
> >
> > a shame its not documented anywhere....are there more hidden trix
> > like that ?
> It's documented: See message-help.pd
> Nevertheless "addcomma" won't make a symbol with a comma inside, as
> commas are used to seperate messages and addcomma adds such a comma.
> For controlling amixer you can also use the amixer external from IEM.
> In CVS it's at: "externals/iem/amixer". For the HDSP there also is
> an external "externals/iem/hdspm_mixer". Never used it, as my laptop
> doesn't like the HDSP.
> Ciao
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