[PD] PD Workshop files

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Mar 6 10:48:27 CET 2007

jared wrote:
> Okay.  You've successfully scared me away.  I don't feel the need to
> justify myself or my confusion.  

i have not asked you to justify yourself or your confusion.
instead i have provided you with lots of valuable documentation, which -
if you had cared to read - would have helped you to solve your problems.

> Someone obviously realizes that they are being rude if they feel the
> need to say 'I hope I do not sound too rude'.  


this is the 2nd time that you insult people on this list without any
real basis.

> Leaving the computer screen every once in a while is a good thing.  It
> helps you communicate better with humans.

yes indeed.
communities tend to have their own "secret language" to communicate (be
it in front of a screen or not).
people who are new to such communities usually have a hard time in the
beginning until they learn how to speak this language.

calling me names, because i tell you how you might better position your
problems so that people (who, btw are not paid to answer your questions)
are more willing to answer them, is far from appropriate.

if you want friendly support, either pay people to do so, or give them
the feeling that their efforts are not wasted.

"free software" means "free speech" and not "free beer".


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