[PD] Superdiscounter

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Tue Mar 6 19:16:01 CET 2007

On 06/03/2007, at 18.13, Frank Barknecht wrote:

>  [superdiscounter] is an irregular metro/counter.

Nice one. I quite like that kind of "at hand" grafical  
representation. Also it reminds me off [about] from mjLib, which i  
was think about converting from external to vanilla Pd.

> It's possible to edit the irregularities graphically using a data  
> structure
> interface, or supply them as a list.

When one move one of the "beat indicators" in the graphical  
representation of the rhythm past, say, the next indicator, the time  
till the next beat will get quite long (im guessing the difference  
plus one cycle length). That is somewhat counterintuitive from the  
point of view of the graphical representation, i my head at least. -  
It could of cause be intended.

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