[PD] Superdiscounter

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 6 18:13:50 CET 2007


attached is a little toy for the weekend. Oh, it's Tuesday already? 

Anyway, [superdiscounter] is an irregular metro/counter. It's possible
to edit the irregularities graphically using a data structure
interface, or supply them as a list. The main use is to try out the
Tatum-approach by Jeff Bilmes to foster drum machine expressivity as
outlined in Blimes' 1993 ICMC paper:
or with much more detail in his thesis.

No externals required I think, but you need pd-0.40 at least because
I'm much too lazy to construct pd-$0-x senders with makefilename as
in the old days.

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