[PD] Polaroid local-state-saving for Memento

Luke Iannini (pd) lukexipd at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 12:07:15 CET 2007

Hi all,
Thanks to Thomas Grill and Frank Barknecht I am happy to release a
"preview" of Polaroid, for Memento.

Polaroid is a local state saver for Rradical patches.  This means that
you can save file-based "presets" of your objects, even when they are
part of a larger structure.  You can also copy and paste settings
between instances of objects.

Finally, it has an odd little system for setting a "default" file that
will be loaded on an object's startup - this can be easily replicated
with manual loadbanged "lddir <filename>" messages to the originator,
but it is included here as a perhaps more convenient method.  Such a
default file can be nicer than storing a ton of initialization
messages in your patch, since it can be separately maintained from the
main patch.

Polaroid required modifications of Memento's [originator] and
[rradical.state] objects, in order to properly implement partial pool
saving.  I have included these modified versions with an "sft" prefix,
so to use Polaroid as is you'll need to replace [originator] in your
patches with [sft.originator] (which references [sft.rradical.state],
so make sure that's in your path).  (To be clear, this functionality
was already there from Frank's work on the same thing, I just made it
work thanks to Mr. Grill's tips)

I've also included my version of careGUI, again, included here as
sft.careGUI.  It adds separate load and save buttons, a selected file
display, global preset control, and an automatic "setsub 0" to
SET_ALL_RRADICALS on "Restore" (which I assume some may not like, I
don't know - it occurs before the [outlet] bang so it can be

Polaroid and sft.careGUI also add one more global send called
SAVE_PREP that is banged just before a save operation.  I use this to
dump arrays (which I use as "multisliders"/analog sequencers in some
patches) via lists into commun objects so that they are saved with the
rest of my patch, maybe you can find other uses.

Obviously, memento.
[splitdir] from ggee for the "Selected File Displays" (not essential)

Known Issue:
Polaroid's Copy and Paste use /tmp, so that will not work on Windows I
suppose.  Anyone have ideas for this?  If you really want to use that
feature before I learn the answer, change the relevant entries at the
bottom left of [pd gui] in polaroid.pd (from /tmp to c:\ for example)

Ok, shall I stop talking now? Yes?  Why did I write all those help files?

Sorry. One more thing - I call this a preview release because I hope
Frank will have time to check these out and give his approval or
admonishment!  Perhaps I'm doing something very silly in my patches.
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