[PD] Polaroid local-state-saving for Memento

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 11:00:12 CET 2007

way to go!

I was just checking out Memento for the first time yesterday and I was
bummed when I realized local saving wasn't working yet... and now it does!

I have it running in a pretty hairy set of patches that act like a
synth/effect rack, with many instances of the same abstraction (things like
$1.$2-insert-vol are necessary, which now work thanks to Miller's 0.41), and
it is great to be able to save a chain of synths and effects and move with
the ability to recall them in a different rack later.

Luke, Frank, Thomas, kudos!


p.s. once some bugs are fixed, I'll try to tidy up the rack and post it...
but that's going to take some work still.

On 3/12/07, Luke Iannini (pd) <lukexipd at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thanks to Thomas Grill and Frank Barknecht I am happy to release a
> "preview" of Polaroid, for Memento.
> Polaroid is a local state saver for Rradical patches.  This means that
> you can save file-based "presets" of your objects, even when they are
> part of a larger structure.  You can also copy and paste settings
> between instances of objects.
> Finally, it has an odd little system for setting a "default" file that
> will be loaded on an object's startup - this can be easily replicated
> with manual loadbanged "lddir <filename>" messages to the originator,
> but it is included here as a perhaps more convenient method.  Such a
> default file can be nicer than storing a ton of initialization
> messages in your patch, since it can be separately maintained from the
> main patch.
> Polaroid required modifications of Memento's [originator] and
> [rradical.state] objects, in order to properly implement partial pool
> saving.  I have included these modified versions with an "sft" prefix,
> so to use Polaroid as is you'll need to replace [originator] in your
> patches with [sft.originator] (which references [sft.rradical.state],
> so make sure that's in your path).  (To be clear, this functionality
> was already there from Frank's work on the same thing, I just made it
> work thanks to Mr. Grill's tips)
> I've also included my version of careGUI, again, included here as
> sft.careGUI.  It adds separate load and save buttons, a selected file
> display, global preset control, and an automatic "setsub 0" to
> SET_ALL_RRADICALS on "Restore" (which I assume some may not like, I
> don't know - it occurs before the [outlet] bang so it can be
> overridden).
> Polaroid and sft.careGUI also add one more global send called
> SAVE_PREP that is banged just before a save operation.  I use this to
> dump arrays (which I use as "multisliders"/analog sequencers in some
> patches) via lists into commun objects so that they are saved with the
> rest of my patch, maybe you can find other uses.
> Dependencies:
> Obviously, memento.
> List-abs
> Zexy
> [splitdir] from ggee for the "Selected File Displays" (not essential)
> Known Issue:
> Polaroid's Copy and Paste use /tmp, so that will not work on Windows I
> suppose.  Anyone have ideas for this?  If you really want to use that
> feature before I learn the answer, change the relevant entries at the
> bottom left of [pd gui] in polaroid.pd (from /tmp to c:\ for example)
> Ok, shall I stop talking now? Yes?  Why did I write all those help files?
> Sorry. One more thing - I call this a preview release because I hope
> Frank will have time to check these out and give his approval or
> admonishment!  Perhaps I'm doing something very silly in my patches.
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