[PD] ANN: munger1~ port (from the Percolate library)

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Tue Mar 13 10:37:04 CET 2007


On 13/03/2007, at 5.29, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:

> 3) Start your app (PD or Max) and create object called munger1~.  
> Right-click
> (ctrl-click on Macs) and select "help" and this should open the  
> help file
> with additional documentation.

I was wondering what this object does. So i downloaded  it to see the  
help patch, as suggested. But it is fairly hard not to get lost, as  
there are so much info on little space. My suggestion is to chunk it  
in bits. (And make a counter sub-patch instead of using a counter  

However, i fund in the pdf-manual for PeRColate, that

"the munger~: a granulizing delay-line. Takes a signal in and spits  
out a stereo
signal of little (or big) grains, transposed, backwards/forwards,  
(sorta), with nifty pitch sieves to play pretty chords. The maximum  
number of
voices is limited only by your CPU (up to some very high hardwired  
and can be changed smoothly while running. A maximum delay-length is set
with the argument, and the working delay-length can be swept smoothly.
Check out the help file, which actually explains what most of the  
mean. Good thing, because I keep forgetting."

which might be of interest for others like little knowing like me.

That said, thanks for making this. I think it's time to install Flext  

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