[PD] adding external-direcetories to paths

Thomas Jeppesen Jeppesen at skydebanen.net
Wed Mar 14 05:14:56 CET 2007

After a few weeks of wondering how this works, I've more or less figured out how to add externals to my PD installation, at least I think I have, because I still run into patches that doesn't load the externals used in it, even though the externals are in the "extra"-directory. OK then, I think to myself, I have to add each subdirectory of externals to the path in PD's fererences. This seemed to have the desired effect. And now to the problem, only 10 lines of paths are possible in PD. Or does it work like this, that I can only ´see´ 10 line's of added paths? Or have I completely missed how this aspect of PD works?

Anyways, what I want is for all subdirectories in the extra-directory in my PD 39.2-extended to be accessable from PD, as if they were an integrated part of the installation. I've tried to use (add) the pd-settings.reg that comes with the pd-extended installation, but it has not had the desired effect.

Could someone please shed some light on this problem for me?

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