[PD] oldschool rave synths

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Fri Mar 16 09:41:46 CET 2007

On 16/03/2007, at 22.26, padawan12 wrote:

> One k too many, I meant t'other Charlie :) I'm sure C.Henry once  
> said there
> was something to be said for looking at operator theory, maybe I  
> totally
> misunderstood because thats well beyond me.

You might think of this email:

Two side notes:

- 1 -
It would be cool if people have a bibtex or other reference file to  
share. There often come some reference to some PDF that someone wrote  
up to a proceeding or to some journal. And often they are directly  
linked to Pd, and at other times they are about a general dsp/ 
synthesis topic.

I ask since while these mastodon and influential text books are good  
there is a lot of stuff spread out in journals and proceedings that  
are worth reading and which are detailed and interesting on it's own.

- 2 -
The relates to a prayer i have been meaning to say: Some of the cool  
stuff people make or implement in Pd often use some technique or are  
inspired by some article (or part of a book). It would be really nice  
with more references in those patches.

Note that i don't say that since i'm lazy and just don't bother to  
ready the books mentioned in this thread - in fact i can't wait to  
read them and have been meaning to for a while, but don't have had  
the time.

I say that since i don't have a music or new-media background hence  
it's hard to put thing into an over all picture of what is techniques  
are about - much like what i think is shift8 motivation for the  
request, to get a picture of what is out there and what does it do.

I also believe that adding such lill info in patches, that i request  
in my prayer, will aid the use Pd in conventional (university  
courses)  as well as unconventional (workshops, self-learning)  
learning environments.

And yeah. Big up to the community power. 

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