[PD] Help - filters & band limited oscillators!

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Mar 16 19:27:52 CET 2007

David Powers hat gesagt: // David Powers wrote:

> This doesn't explain why, but the objects fail to initialize:
> " creb/blosc~
> ... couldn't create"

This looks like a "didn't find binary" error. I don't remember what OS
you're on, but you may look for a blosc~.dll or a blosc~.pd_darwin and
put that directory in your path. Maybe you also have creb as a full
library, then search creab.dll/creb.pd_darwin and load that with -lib.
The final thing that might be wrong is a nameclash between blosc~.pd
and blosc~.dll/pd_darwin. Just move blosc~.pd to blosc~-help.pd then.

If all that fails then you don't have blosc~ installed at all and you
should install it first.

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