[PD] [PD-dev] developer access ?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Mar 19 09:16:31 CET 2007


Luigi Rensinghoff wrote:
>> OK
> well then i wont upload it...

just to make things clear (and to reiterate myself):
it is really for the benefit of all visitors of puredata.info to not
upload such huge files: the site will get even slower than it is now.

the only other reason to not upload stuff is, that the disk might get
full and we have to find a new one... (the machine is not of the super
hot-swappable and easily-extendible-without-downtime type)

> its a little bit contradicting, since Frank said..
> sourceforege is not for binaries...anyway, i am still waiting for a  
> response from Hans-Christian, maybe then its solved.

it is not a contradiction, though it might be unclear:

sourceforge offers several services.
one of them (used by the pd-community) is hosting of code-repositories
(CVS/SVN). it is common sense, that such a repository is for source-code
_only_ (this is: do not put installers, binaries in a repository; there
have been fights whether it is arguable to put _generated_ code into a
repository, since it is strictly spoken no "source" code).

another service by sourceforge is the hosting of downloads.
whenever a project makes a release or sub-release (however small it is),
it can upload the release files to a special webspace (and do some
paperwork). releases are usually a set of archives, and can be source
(usually compressed), binaries, installers,...
sourceforge will eventually distribute your release files on a number of
mirror servers all over the world, adding redundancy and and better
download speed.

frank said, that you should not put your binary into the sourceforge CVS.
i said, that you should put your binary into the sourceforge release system.

> Otherwise i'll send people interested my gmx-mediacenter link
> that's the way it is
> Thanks anyway for your detailed answer
> webdavs.....that i didnt try

i had no time yesterday when i answered your email, so probably i missed
that one:
there are possibilities to put binary releases (of large files) onto
puredata.info, but please don't do it by yourself for now.

always contact the admin (that is me ;-)) and we'll surely find a
hand-tailored solution to the problem.


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