[PD] Usage of pyext on Macbook was : Compilation of externals on Mac-Intel

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Mon Mar 19 09:46:56 CET 2007

Hi Luigi,
please always post to the list, so that others can benefit and i  
don't have to answer questions many times

Am 19.03.2007 um 02:51 schrieb Luigi Rensinghoff:

> OK sorry thats what i do....

what do you do?

> as i said before i have no clue how pyext works and know nothing  
> about python.
> Just that its cool and it might give me the possibilty to connect  
> PD to a database....in some future days, when i come to that.

sure it can do that

> What i did was simply to "clean" up the PD-extended Installer from  
> Hans Cristian, so that it runs smoothly on a MacBook.
> I removed all externals that dont work and tried to include  
> external-binaries from other sources (like your webspace)
> Ok..thats the background more or less ;-)
> So i removed the old py.pd_darwin from /extra/py...and put the one  
> inside from your beta webside...as it is (btw its funny that it  
> shows up as excel file, i hope that is not the source of the error,  
> but thats the way it appears right after the download)

hmmm, i discovered that the mime types are wrong for some files....  
i'll look into it

> I did add the path to the scripts in the .pdrc file and go to the  
> browser /examples/py/examples
> start python 2.3 in the terminal

erm, do you want to run python scripts in PD or in the terminal?
pyext loads a script within PD... you don't need a terminal. Have a  
look at the help files, they should come with pd-extended (at least i  
hope so)

> I am just guessing that this is right and should work....next week  
> i'll try to build it myself and then see what happens.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the binary (which should work, as  
it works for me and others)

> is there another way to test it ? like build an object and send a  
> help message or sthg like that ???

best greetings,

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