[PD] Getting (not pure) data over the internet

Stuart Jones s.jones at csm.arts.ac.uk
Thu Mar 22 20:00:25 CET 2007


Sorry to have sent this in HTML earlier, new to this and hit the send button
to soon...

I need to get data from a wireless sensor network to control Pd patches. The
WSN feeds to a database on a server and I need to send queries over the
internet to the data server in the form http://ip
address/data/location/device/now (or when on a LAN: ip
address/data/.../.../now). How do I send the query out of the Pd patch, and
how do I get the resulting data back in? (The data comes in this form:
2007-03-22 18:00:01,17,1,0, which is timestamp, device ID, data). I would
automate the querying with [metro].
[netsend] [comport] [netserver] don¹t seem to apply.

BTW got good results using [comport] on site, picking up from arduinos
sending via bluetooth. However, must be done via the server, as data is
coming from arduinos, crossbow motes, and proprietary systems and anyway the
arduino bluetooth is paired to the server.



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